HTC Click to launch in China


Images of the Click first appeared on the Interwebs a few weeks back and PC World is reporting that Dopod will launch the low-end Android device later this year in China. However, Dopod has plans to launch the Hero this month before the Click goes live in Q4. The Click will come with two interchangeable faceplates and sell for 3400 yuan ($500).

A couple of changes are coming to the Chinese Hero, though. For one thing, Google Maps will be removed as an embedded app because the Chinese government considers it to be “sensitive.” You can still download the app regardless. China will see a white, light brown and “Chinese red” version of the Hero as well. The other alteration to the Hero will be support for the wireless LAN security protocol that’s required in all mobile devices that have Wi-Fi in China. The Hero will launch in China for 5600 yuan ($819).

via PC World