Motorola Clutch now in "Graphite" on Boost Mobile

Lets face it: one look at the Motorola Clutch i465 is all it takes to know if it’s your thing or not. It’s not the prettiest handset on the block by anyone’s take, but it is the only one packing both iDEN (Push-to-talk) and a QWERTY keyboard. Its target audience was already fairly small; take everyone who wants a cell phone, then strip that down to those who want a push-to-talk phone. From that, cut it back to those who also want QWERTY. From that, slim things down to those looking to carry a red phone. As we said – it’s a pretty small group.

Boost has gone and widened the spectrum a little bit by adding a more neutral color: good ol’ black – or “Graphite”, as they call it. It’s about as simple as can be – but when you’re selling to a niche, that’s just how it should be.

The new hue is available today for $129.99, no contract necessary.