One part NES. One part iPhone. All parts awesome.


Ol’ Nintendo probably isn’t going to be too excited about having their controller’s likeness and console’s name audaciously sprinkled throughout some random iPhone app, but then they’ll hear the sweet siren song pumping from the speaker and forget all about it.

Take various NES chiptune effects, and jam them into an iPhone app. Skin’em up with various synthesizer interfaces and, for good measure, an NES controller. Shake, then chill. The result? NESynth. When Japanese developers Newforestar needed someone to give NESynth a runthrough, they went to Renaissance Geek (as in well-rounded, not as in the faire) Denki Update:Whoops! Wrong link. We accidentally linked to digital toy and game designers Denki, rather than the actual composers, Denkitribe. Similar name, but mostly unrelated. Whoops!) The result is glorious — and tucked right after the jump.

NESynth is not yet available, but should be up on the app store here by the end of the week.