Amazon drops price of 160GB PS3 Uncharted bundle by $50


Looks like Amazon just dropped the price of the Uncharted 160GB PS3 bundle, from $499 to $449. Of course, as per the rules and regulations of the Internet, we’re now required to speculate that this could maybe mean that Sony is looking to cut the price of the PS3 across the board.

And keep in mind this unofficial price cut comes on the same day that Sony discontinued the 80GB PS3 in Japan. It’s also the same day that the possibility of a PS3 Slim was, for the thousandth time, brought up. And it’s double-also a few days after we learned that the cost to produce the PS3 has dropped precipitously.

As it turns out, Uncharted is a mighty fine game, as I understand it, so it’s not a bad bundle in and of itself.

via GamesIndustry