Digeo updates the Moxi HD DVR and releases the Moxi Mate

Digeo is committed to the the Moxi HD DVR and has rolled out some updates. So far I like what I see as the updates addresses many of issues I had with the DVR. First and foremost, the DVR now has an optional grid guide, which is a great alternative to the the vertical bar layout that was previously the only option. Thank goodness, I say.
But this summer update isn’t just all about software, Digeo also announced the Moxi Mate: An expensive second room media streaming device.

Also, now the Moxi supports Switched Digital Video. Certain cable companies have adopted this format on new stations, and even the CableCard doesn’t pick them up. Now the Moxi can, just like TiVo. All you need is the SDV tuning adapter from your content provider if you indeed require one.

Digeo has rolled out more video codec supports for the Moxi HD DVR. The company is specifically not listing which formats the Moxi HD DVR now support, but it seems like most H.264 and even MKV containers should now work – even though officially Digeo hasn’t said this. At least the company is addressing what was one of my biggest complaints previously.

The summer update also adds compatibility with LaCie 4big Quadra 6 TB drive via the rear eSATA port. Do you know how much HD programming can fit onto a 6TB drive? 1000 hours. That’s a lot.

So the Moxi Mate. This is designed to be a second room streaming device. You’re limited to only one per full size Moxi HD DVR though. The little fanless device allows you to stream all the content from the full size to the second room. In addition to the remote content, the Moxi Mate can also access all the network content via the DLNA network and PlayOn software. However, a person cannot tune in stations nor schedule recordings from the Moxi Mate.

The Moxi Mate will cost $399 retail, but is available in a $1000 package that includes the $799 Moxi HD DVR. Expect it to be available on Moxi.com tonight and on Amazon by Friday.

The software should start hitting Moxi HD DVRs later today and is expected to be complete later this week.