I Have A New Theme Song: Mistah F.A.B.'s "Hit Me On Twitter"

picture-14When I walk into a bar, it’s always been a dream of mine that they’ll play a theme song for me. You know, kind of like how when a batter steps up to the plate in a baseball game, he gets his own song. (Okay, really what I’m thinking is more along the lines of X’s version of “Wild Thing” playing when Ricky Vaughn takes the mound in Major League.) The problem with that is, what song do I pick? I think I know now.

Mistah F.A.B.’s “Hit Me On Twitter” is 3 minutes and 56 seconds of awesome.

Here are some choice lyrics:

“I follow you, and you follow me, we can kick it, like one of the homies.”

“What’s your government? I see your screen name. Is this really you, people playing teen games.”

“First it was BlackPlanet, then MySpace, then Facebook took over my place. Whoa, now I’m stuck on Twitter . If I see a girl then I’m gonna go get her.”

F.A.B. goes on to give shout outs in the end to Diddy, Britney (Spears, I assume), MC Hammer, Ashton Kutcher, Barack, Soulja Boy — okay fine, all of those are somewhat normal. But also included: Shout outs to Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams as “the inventors of Twitter.” (Sorry Biz Stone, he leaves you out.)

He concludes, “@MistahFAB, hit @ me.” Looking at his Twitter account, he does actually seem to use Twitter quite regularly, which is more than a lot of entertainers can say.

Of course, this song can’t help but remind me of Andy Milonakis’ “Let Me Twitter Dat” and also this random Twitter rap. Watch both below.

[thanks AlexanderBrown]