New Left 4 Dead content incoming next month

logo1600x1200Reporting every expansion pack that comes out isn’t the duty of this great establishment called CrunchGear, but Left 4 Dead has been controversial in this respect. With Left 4 Dead 2 announced and playable before any major content additions to Left 4 Dead, fans of the original game were foaming at the mouth at the gall of Valve in acting like any other game developer. Honestly, by now EA would have put out a funny hats pack for $20, let’s just be happy that’s not the case for our favorite zombie-blasting co-op game.

But Valve has announced that a new map will be released for free (or for $7 on Xbox Live) in September, taking place sometime between the skyscraper-climbing “No Mercy” and the farm town chaos of “Death Toll.” Sounds great to me, I haven’t been playing L4D nearly as much as I was a few months ago, this should refresh the game somewhat.