TeleNav GPS Navigator hitting the T-Mobile myTouch tomorrow


If you’re surprised by this, you haven’t been paying much attention. TeleNav is the first GPS house to really get messy with mobile (well, except for Garmin, who is just doing it entirely wrong), having already launched full-fledged Turn-by-turn apps on both the iPhone and the G1. With their Android port already up and navigating, you can bet that they’re itching to get on every carrier-supported Android handset they can.

Such is the case with the T-Mobile myTouch. The myTouch officially launches tomorrow for anyone who didn’t get in on the pre-orders, and TeleNav will be right there waiting, waiting to co-pilot for anyone willing to plunk down the $10 bucks a month. It may seem a bit steep, but considering that it’s a damned decent alternative to a full fledged GPS, it’s worth looking into.