Steering wheel for iPhone — yes, iPhone


In what may be considered an enormous oversight on Apple’s part, tilt-to-steer racing games require weak technology lovers to hold their arms up in the air for tens of minutes. Tens! No iPhone owner possibly has that kind of upper body strength. A company called CTA Digital knows this and has thankfully developed a racing wheel accessory.

There are two versions: one has a base with a suction cup mount that allows you to attach it to a tabletop or other flat surface, while the other version is just the wheel. That one defeats the purpose, as you’d have to hold it in the air. With the weight of your iPhone and the added weight of the steering wheel, you’d run the risk of breaking both your arms.

Here’s a video, just in case you’re not convinced yet:

Looks like it works pretty well, as evidenced by the kid in this video running into just about every siderail in Need for Speed.

No word on pricing yet, although CNET seems to think it’ll cost about $20. I’d guess $20 for the standalone wheel and $25-$30 for the wheel with the suction-cup base. Now you all know how Wii owners feel. Picture this times a hundred.

Steering Wheel for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch [CTA Digital via CNET]