Anvil Motion cabinets: crazy cool and crazy expensive

I’ll seriously try to withhold any jokes about us becoming lazy or references to Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics in this post. Also, I’ll try not to talk about how people like you and me will never ever have a system like this installed in our homes. With all that out of the way, I present to you Anvil Motion computerized kitchen cabinets and the decline of the human race. Damn, I can’t help it.

The video above does a great job explaining what makes these cabinets so special. There are of course some great applications like being able to lock certain cabinets and opening/closing them all at once. Plus the motion activation prevents the wood from getting all grimy. But when it comes right down to it, these cabinets are designed for people that take year long vacations and get large work bonus’ courtesy of a US bail-out fund.

I mean, this system is “are you eff’n kidding me” expensive.

Anvil Motion cabinetry starts at $2,000 per lineal foot. The Lineal foot is based on total lineal feet of the kitchen, including the walls with upper cabinets and base cabinets as well as wall or islands that only have base cabinets. The price does not include appliances or counter tops.

So if your kitchen has 50 lineal feet, and you go with the basic cabinetry at $2,000 per lineal feet you’re looking at $100,000. Or if you step it up in features and details to $4,000 per lineal feet you’re looking at $200,000. (This is just for the cabinets)

In a more traditional style, with ornately carved moldings and labor intensive finishes, you can get up to $4,000 per lineal foot and even higher than that if a client wants an exotic wood such as bubinga or coco bolo. To begin with, we generally use the $3,000 per lineal foot number and this seems to produce a good figure.

There are so many ways to poke fun at this system, but it doesn’t seem right. You have to admit that if you had the slush fund to install a kitchen that can be controlled by a remote, you probably would. I know I would. If anything to keep my luddite mother-in-law out.

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