Massive 3800mAh battery makes the Palm Pre look cancerous


Remember that 1350mAh extended Palm Pre battery that Seido released back in July? Childs play. Accessory manufacturer Amzer has gone and made an absolute beast of a battery; one that pats the Seido battery on the head, gives it a juice box, and tells it to go take a nap.

Coming in at roughly 3x the thickness of the original battery, Amzer’s electric enormity checks in at an outright absurd 3800mAh, or a little over 3 times the juice provided by the Pre’s default 1150mAh pack. Even if you’re a GPSin’, Data-gobbling fiend, you probably wont be able to kill this thing in less than 2 or 3 days of (really, really) heavy use. So go ahead – go on that Safari, hike that mountain, whatever; you can leave the charger at home.

Of course, packing the dimensional equivalent of 3 batteries into the back of the Pre means you’re going to need a new back case to wrap it all in. And yes, it is ugly as all hell. Sure, they’ve gone ahead and curved the edges and matched the plastic – but it still looks like a door stop. But come on – it’s a $130 dollar battery for people who are away from outlets for days on end. With stuff like this, it’s function over form.

Amzer is also now offering a slightly less ridiculous (in both size and price) 2800mAh battery for $90 bucks a pop.

[Via PreThinking]