Motorola to "skin" Android with "Blur"


Motorola appears to be investing in Android pretty heavily, but we haven’t seen anything definitive yet. But BGR has been tipped off that Moto is hard at work on skinning Android like HTC has done with Sense on the Hero. The question, however, is whether or not “Blur” is merely a skin on top of Android or if Blur is as deeply integrated as Sense. The rest is a bit jumbled since I haven’t had enough coffee this morning so I’ll leave it up to you to decipher.

The skin/OS is named “Blur” by Motorola and will be heavily web-connected. All Android devices will be able to upgrade different sections of the OS and interface all over the air. There’s been something mentioned about a device key that’s attached to your email and passwords for your social networking accounts. What this presumably does is let all the content be pushed right to the device from the web which includes updates and actual upgrades.