NYC Mayor Postpones His Day Of Tweeting To Actually, You Know, Do His Job

picture-29New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had planned to take the entire day tomorrow to use Twitter to send out mundane updates about his life. Unfortunately, the Hudson River accident today has forced him to reschedule his Twitter plans, so he can, you know, actually do his job.

So those who were hoping to know what Bloomberg was eating for lunch, what he’s thinking about while walking his dogs, and updates about the Yankees game, will have to wait. Why was Bloomberg planning to tweet for the day? Well, because he’s running for re-election and undoubtedly heard about the power of social media in campaigns these days.

What’s kind of sad is Bloomberg’s actual Twitter stream. While it’s pretty clear that it’s not actually run by him right now (hence, the idea of him tweeting for the day actually being compelling), his tweet stream is filled with shameless self-promotion to follow him, and touting his day of tweeting. He #followfriday’d himself no less than two times yesterday.

Anyone looking at his tweet stream for information about the Hudson River accident? You’re out of luck. That might actually be useful.

Still, it was definitely a good call by the mayor to pass up the Twitter promotional stunt to deal with the tragedy.