Unannounced Samsung winds up on Craigslist


The mobile industry is a funny place, friends. Bloggers fight relentlessly to be the first with images of a new handset, working endlessly to establish relationships with “sources” who can leak them the latest goods. Phone companies go to great lengths to keep their new toys a secret, requiring most folks who get even a quick glimpse of the phone to sign an NDA. Still, stuff somehow manages to make its way to folks who, of all possible options, put it on Craigslist.

Such is the case with the Samsung SGH-A797, an as of yet unannounced QWERTY slider that looks to be carrying the AT&T brand. A whole lot of nothin’ is known about this guy, beyond the obvious form factor clues and that it appears to be running TouchWiz.

The seller’s currently got it up for $115, which seems pretty damn cheap for an unannounced, contractless phone. Really, though – Craigslist? Come on. If you’ve got an unreleased phone in your pocket, think of something better to do with it than hawking it – at the very least, hook a blogger up.

[Unwired View, Via EngMo]