Racevine Lets You Review Races You've Run, Lost

You post one shoe review and the runners come out of the woodwork. Take Racevine for example. This service allows you to search for and review races. We’re talking everything: Ironmans (Ironmen?), triathlons, marathons, sprints. All kinds of stuff. Want to know if the Wharf to Wharf run is worth racing? It’s there. The New York Marathon? Bango.

The real value here is in the search system. Say you’re bored and want to find a race in Ohio. Bingo. Right there. Sadly, there aren’t enough reviews on the site for the review portion to be much use just yet but that can change.
Does the world need this service? Sure. Maybe you’re working on a PR or you want to do a 10K. Maybe you’re a big old lard butt like me and need to ease back into racing. Maybe you’re trying to find something close to the bar you frequent. The service is valuable in that respect. What it needs, I think, is a way to sign up for the races right online or a a connection to services like Active.com. However, for boy and girl racers of all stripes it’s nice to see everything all in one place.
My real question is whether races need reviews. I know I show up to a race and just run it. I rarely pay attention to much else. It’s not quite a situation in which I’m paying much attention to the logistics or announcements. I think the adrenaline involved may just cancel out a lot of the qualitative judgements the racers may have, resulting in a bunch of fairly sparse reviews. Thoughts?