Up close with the Mythbusters


PopMech just interviewed the Mythbusters in their M5 headquarters in some strange corner of San Francisco where robots run wild and men have effusive, untamed facial hair.

Except for spooky robots guarding the stairs, M5’s second-floor offices could be those of any small company, with cluttered desks, a computer room and a small kitchen. Whiteboards are everywhere, crammed with top-of-the-brain doodles, rough technical drawings and the complex logistics of planning the MythBusters shooting schedule. In recent years, special-effects work has taken a back seat to the relentless demands of the show, and M5 today functions primarily as home base for the MythBusters production team. (The show’s secondary segments, involving the team of Kari Byron, Grant Imahara and Tory Belleci, are produced at a different location.)

The Mythbusters have truly redefined what it means to be an engineering geek for me and, I suspect, countless others. The guys are a little weird, a little funny, and they solve problems with aplomb and, most importantly, explosions. Good, good stuff.