There are RPGs for the TI-83?

ti-gameMother of God. I used to have a TI-83 for calculus classes, but all I ever had on it was DrugWar and a little racing game that was as hard as nails. Come to think of it, how did I even get those on there? They must have been copied, device to device, all the way from the originals. We didn’t have the benefit of the internet at the time (at least, not as it is today). But who knew there were full-fledged RPGs on the thing? I guess that, considering a large amount of high-school and college students are required to buy these things, it’s actually a pretty popular platform. There have to be 20 or 30 million of them out there at the least!

I don’t know how the TI-83 stacks up against the original GameBoy, which had some serious RPGs on it, but I have to imagine they’re at least close relatives. This amazing list of great RPGs for everyone’s favorite calculator both intrigues and repels me. The idea of spending hours staring at the device that made my life hell for at least a year or two makes me queasy, but on the other hand… RPGs on a graphing calculator, people!

And in the related section on YouTube… Zelda?!