USB digital microscope with 2MP CMOS sensor


A Japanese company called esupply is selling a cool little microscope [JP] that can be hooked to computers via a microUSB port (Windows only). The device boasts a 2MP CMOS sensor made by Sanyo and features 5x to 150x zoom. Not powerful enough to be used on a professional level, but surely good enough for casual microscopic viewing of stuff.

The device comes with a stand, a flexible arm and an LED light. A bundled piece of software (in Japanese) makes sure you can edit the material you captured on your PC. There’s also a small mirror, which you can use to check your teeth, for example (Thanko started offering a microscope with a similar functionality just recently).


esupply is selling the USB microscope in Japan only (price: $130). You might be able to import it by contacting the Japan Trend Shop, Geek Stuff 4 U or Rinkya.

Via Akihabara News