Coincidence? Three Interesting Things About 345 Spear Street, San Francisco

  1. It’s the location of Google’s San Francisco office (floors 2-4)
  2. It’s the location of the Secret Service’s San Francisco field office (floors 5-6)
  3. And someone who works there has a license plate that says “Drunk”

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to theorize how these three facts form the backbone of a massive worldwide conspiracy. Feel free to add additional “facts,” such as “That building was also constructed on top of an ancient Native American burial ground” or “I heard that’s where the Secret Service keeps all the counterfeit cash they confiscate, and the floors are really thin.” Just make sure to bake in the drunk license plate, too.

I took that picture of the license plate, by the way, in the parking garage of that building. And a different picture of it ended up on the FailBlog last month. So if you can work that into your conspiracy theory, you get bonus points.

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