SocialToo lets you "do a Scoble" and unfollow everyone with one click… for $25

3716471940_7bdc6de880Ever since Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer) famously unfollowed everyone on Twitter, others have been unfollowing swathes of their own followers and a healthy debate has been started about how best to manage your follow list. (Here’s someone who thinks unfollowing everyone is a terrible idea and here’s my two cents on who I follow and why.)

Not a company to miss cashing in on a trend, SocialToo fired an email out this evening advertising their “unfollow everyone” facility.

It’ll cost you $25 to have SocialToo unfollow everyone for you. Personally, I’d rather keep my credit card in my back pocket and spend an hour clicking, but if you’re one of those people who has auto-followed 25,000 strangers and needs a way out, maybe it’s a reasonable price to pay. It’s worth noting that once you’ve coughed up, you can re-use the unfollow everyone function as many times as you like.