Sony laptop can't play Sony disk with Sony drive on Sony TV

Zing! Don’t try to watch your copy of Watchmen on your Vaio laptop with Blu-Ray on your Sony TV! Says one forum member at

I bought the watchmen DVD. Pretty cool right. Tried to play it on my sony laptop hooked up via hdmi to my sony flatscreen. Crashed of course. This was only annoying. The next six hours spent upgrading and rebooting the sony software that the sony updater software forgot to tell me about was fun. Even now, I’m at a point where I can hear audio on the commercials, but my entire sony setup tells me it can’t understand the audio format when trying to play a sony blu-ray disc on my sony setup.

The author also notes that “Sony sucks balls the size of Los Angeles.” Another posulates:

Man, you wouldn’t believe the amount of trouble I had hooking up my PS3 to a brand new Bravia TV last month. It still won’t work over HDMI!

I truly believe the different departments of Sony Corporation are entirely staffed by different breeds of hamster.

I simply state that Sony has gone so far off mission that I wouldn’t be surprised if they start selling Sony Slap-Chops.

via BBG