How To Test The Limits Of Your Privacy On SpinVox

spinvox_logo1Having witnessed the extent to which humans are involved in transcribing messages for SpinVox (the voicemail to text service), I have become concerned about the privacy of my data and personal communications. Although I’ve now cancelled my SpinVox subscription, I know (because CIO Rob Wheatley told me) that SpinVox, like Google, keeps data – which in SpinVox’s case means recordings of your messages – “for as long as possible”. Based on a quick search of my inbox, I reckon SpinVox are holding recordings of about 250 messages that were left for me between April and July of this year.

But that’s not really the problem. After all, Google knows a lot more about me than that and I’m sure my ISP and the government do too. My concern is that I believe the majority of my messages were listened to by a person I don’t know in another country. That’s the point at which SpinVox may be falling foul of UK and European data regulations, and it’s the weak link in the privacy chain. So it’s time to find out if SpinVox is being honest enough with its customers about the proportion of messages that are read by humans – and also about how much of those messages are seen by call centre staff. Here’s how: