HTC Magic to get Sense UI in October

Good news for you, HTC Magic owner. Over the weekend at an event held in Taipei, HTC announced that the second generation Android device would be getting a UI overhaul ala Hero. Pretty rad, right? It is if you live outside the US because the T-Mobile myTouch 3G with Google ain’t getting it.

Don’t act surprised. It’s been made clear in the past that anything branded “with Google” cannot be altered because of licensing issues. And don’t think that your Vodafone Magic is getting it either because both the UK and US Magics have 96MB less RAM than all the other Magics in the world. That’s a big pile of suck. So, yeah, those of you in Taiwan who have a Chunghwa Magic will be the only ones to benefit from the update.

The Sense UI update will be released on HTC’s site in October and cooked ROMs will surely be released for the myTouch 3G since it’s been rooted, but I wouldn’t count on any of them working well.

ePrice via Phandroid