Rumor: Instinct HD in September, Instinct Q in November?


Straight from the mouth of a tipster fresh out of a Sprint training session, PhoneArena‘s got some new details on the upcoming Samsung Instinct series releases.

First up on the rumor train is the Samsung Instinct HD, which has had more names tied to it than Alan Smithee. Samsung Dash, Samsung Instinct S50, Samsung Instinct M850.. we’re not sure what the deal is here, but it seems like Samsung never really settled on an internal name. As of late, rumors have indicated that the Instinct HD name will be the one it goes to market with; according to this tipster’s training session, however, Sprint’s calling it the Instinct S50. Names aside, Mr. Tipster says to expect a mid-september launch.

More excitingly, they’ve also got a potential launch date for Samsung’s Android-powered Instinct, the Q. Previous rumors pinned the launch on October 11th; if the tipster’s training session holds true, we’re looking at a launch date some time in November. The delay saddens us, solely because we’re so damned excited about other handset manufacturers besides HTC finally getting their Android hardware out.