This is the Snow Leopard you're looking for: 10A432 is the Gold Master

We got a takedown from Apple today regarding the copy of Snow Leopard release 10A432 we previewed today. This points to Apple’s habit of tying up loose ends before an official release. The takedown reads:

To Whom It May Concern:

We represent Apple Inc. (“Apple”). It has come to our attention that the website has posted Apple confidential trade secrets and copyrighted material in an article entitled “Preview: Snow Leopard (10A432)” located at

While we appreciate the interest in Snow Leopard, the screenshots that have been posted in the article are confidential and subject to non-disclosure agreements between Apple and its developers. Dissemination of confidential information knowingly obtained or derived from someone in breach of non-disclosure obligations constitutes trade secret misappropriation. See, e.g., Cal. Civ. Code 3426.1(b)(2)(B)(iii). Some of the screenshots also depict works copyrighted by Apple, and copyright law prohibits the unauthorized display of copyrighted works.

Apple therefore requests that you take steps to immediately remove these screenshots.

The foregoing is not intended to be a complete statement of the facts, and shall not constitute a waiver of any of Apple’s rights or remedies, all of which are expressly reserved.

Please notify me by reply e-mail when you have complied with this demand, and feel free to contact me if you any questions or concerns.

We received a similar takedown when we posted pictures of the real iPod Nano back in the day. Therefore, we can only assume we’re working with an honest-to-Betsy real copy of Snow Leopard.

What does this mean? Not much. We do know that this release is nicely locked down and I haven’t had the same problems I experienced on earlier versions of the software. At least I know this version won’t blow up my Mac Pro.