Wakoopa’s State Of The Apps Report: Don't Hassle A Geek After 4pm

Wakoopa tracks your desktop application usage in order to recommend new software, games and web applications. It has two main groups of users: professionals and hedonists. The professionals are using it to track their working hours, while hedonists use it to track their gaming. These users are stereotypical early adopters; what they use today we may all be using tomorrow. The company just released its latest State of the Apps Report showing trends in application usage in Q2 2009.

The report is based on 110K users of which 88% are male, although female users account for half of the top users. So what’s new? Well, Firefox has clearly won the browser war in this group with 55% of users. It is the most popular browser across all platforms. Facebook is the dominant web site with 17.9% of usage time followed by Gmail at 10.5%. Interestingly, although Twitter usage is growing steadily it still only accounts for 4.32% of usage time even though 25% of Wakoopa users are on Twitter – too busy developing to hang our on Twitter? Speaking of which, we get a window into the lives of how developers work, which may well interest a few startups trying to motivate their teams after 4pm.