launches… and they're *still* using Tweetmeme's code is a brand-new retweeting service that wants to steal Tweetmeme’s crown. We covered them before when it appeared that wasn’t all they were borrowing from Tweetmeme. But it seems are ploughing on, undaunted by the consequences (moral or otherwise) of using code from other platforms.

picture-19Today, launches with a $10,000 promotion backed by yet more of Tweetmeme’s code. On the right, you’ll see an error message spat out at me a few moments ago, when I tried to submit a URL via its submission page. Take a look where it gives the name of the table the error has occurred in.

We said that’s reputation was going to be stained by the previous episode. Where does that leave it now?

In related news, Tweetmeme announced today via its blog the one of the features coming in its relaunch next week will be retweetable comments. Here’s a sneak peek at what they’re going to look like: