Studdex launches worldwide course booking engine for students

Deciding on a degree and where to study is a pretty tedious process for students so Studdex – a startup I saw in Berlin a few months ago – launches today a one-stop portal to search and apply to any university or language school worldwide.

It’s aimed at anyone looking either for a full degree, a language course or a semester abroad. You can search universities, colleges and languages schools and apply directly online. studdex also allows users to narrow down searches according criteria like country, degree or language.

As well as conventional studies like economics or law in the US or the UK, you could – in theory – also apply for slightly more obscure courses such as coastal and marine management in Iceland, personal shopping and image consulting in Milan or theater in Brazil. I’m there!

Studdex also, amazingly, guarantees that applications are being processed within only 15 days.

How do they make money? In the traditional way. When students book their courses, Studdex gleans a fee from the corresponding academic institution.