NASA needs $50 billion to reach the Moon by 2020


Hopefully John Hodgman was correct in calling Obama the first nerd president. If not, humans might not reach the Moon anytime soon because we all know a jock wouldn’t fund a science project. The current target is 2020 and the development is already underway of the vehicles needed to get people there. But there is one small issue: Money. NASA needs lots of money.

NASA had $3 billion cut from its budget back in February, but according to a committee setup by Obama, that’s just a drop in the bucket. In order to keep NASA on the current timetable, the agency is going to need $50 billion more added to its budget. But this is Washington we’re talking about and they want solutions, not begging – unless you’re Wall Street. The committee is going to present alternatives including new vehicles and different space targets.

So as it stands today, manned missions to the Moon seems like a pipe dream. Everyone knows our country is broke.