Begun, The Phone Wars Have (soon) (humor)

Readers who follow us regularly know that MG Siegler and I have a difference of opinion when it comes to phones. He’s an iPhone guy, I’m now an Android man.

Our verbal jousts to date have been in good fun, but there is an undertone of seriousness that needs to be resolved, one way or another. Now we have that way.

More to come. Thanks to YouRenew for so generously making these for us. I hope you don’t expect them back.

p.s. – from left to right in the video is intern David Diaz (HTC Hero), research analyst Daniel Levine (iphone, segway) and intern Cameron Christoffers (HTC Magic/G2). Interesting sidenote – Cameron and David are college buddies, and when they hit on girls they introduce themselves as “Cameron Diaz.” Whatever else you say about our interns, they are never dull. Catch them on the CrunchCam, they’re here all summer.