MINI brings roadside assistance into the 21st century with mobile app

mini-roadside-assistanceDrive a MINI? Have an iPhone or Blackberry? Well then, you are in luck my friend. MINI has recently released a free app, MINI Roadside Assistance, to better assist its customers in times of need.

Should your street legal go-kart break down, be involved in an accident, blow a tire, or suffer some other incident while you are out motoring, MINI Roadside Assistance will use your device’s GPS and your vehicle’s unique identification number (VIN) to help expedite, um, roadside assistance. All the user has to do is launch the app and hit the “call” button.

While it sounds rather simple (although not quite as easy as OnStar’s automatic accident detection and alert system), simplicity is key in emergency situations…every second counts.

On a lighter note, the app not only provides direct roadside connection and vehicle location info, but it also includes other services/info regarding your MINI’s battery, tires, fuel, mechanical troubles, or lock-out situations.

The MINI Roadside Assistance (iTunes link) app is free for MINI owners (technically, it’s free for anyone, but offers zero functionality if you are MINI-less) and works alongside the free roadside assistance service while your MINI is still under warranty. (However, if you don’t have a MINI, but you are a AAA member, there is a similar app, AAA Roadside (iTunes link), available for the iPhone.) For more on MINI Roadside Assistance, check out the FAQ.

Happy Motoring!

[via MotorAuthority]