Not to worry, you can still hack your Wii without Twilight Princess

Want to run some homebrew games, apps, a DVD player, or emulator on your Wii? Too bad! Nintendo doesn’t want you to. Fortunately, their console is far from un-hackable, though the latest versions aren’t vulnerable to the original Twilight Princess hack. Lucky for you there are other ways of going about it. This new hack, which should work on any Wii, works by injecting some “malicious” code into a banner on your home screen. Though it’s not really malicious, is it? They should have called it “friendiferous.”

Lifehacker has a nice long tutorial on how to get it done — you’ll need an SD card and some easily-downloadable files. It’s free and relatively easy — and it’s your hardware now, so why not do what you want with it?