Takes On TweetMeme's Button With Cash And An Annoying Video

You might think that those green “retweet” buttons you see across the web (including on this site) are controlled by Twitter, but they’re actually the key component to TweetMeme, the tweeted link aggregator. And now that key component is under attack by the new service, which launched this week looking shockingly similar to TweetMeme, now has a contest that will reward $10,000 to a blogger that installs their retweet button on their site. While they don’t explicitly call out TweetMeme’s button, they do have this very blurb featured prominently on the site: “Add the Real Retweet Button to Your Website!”, which of course implies that the TweetMeme retweet button is not the real one.

All a blogger has to do to win the cash is install the button and fill out a short form to let know where it is installed. Oh, and has to surpass 1 million visitors in the next 30 days. So far, after about a day, they’re at just over 30,000 visitors.

And just incase the $10,000 doesn’t entice you to install their button, has also commissioned the following extremely annoying video apparently made by a fitness blogger. Actually, this video may be genius. I could see either “retweet your tweets on the web” or “in THIS economy?” turning into their own memes. And I can certainly see this video showing up on TweetMeme.

[thanks Sean]