Video: HTC Click previewed – Runs Donut, lacks Sense

I do believe this is a first: not only has someone at Vietnamese mobile site Tinh Té managed to get their hands on an HTC Click before it’s even official, but it looks like they’ve had it for long enough to laser etch a bunch of crazy crap onto the back. Fortunately, they’re not just sitting around basking in the exclusive warmth of their unreleased phone – they were nice enough to give the Click a 5-minute video rundown.

As expected, it continues to look as if the HTC Click won’t do too much damage to your wallet. The LCD appears to be a good amount smaller than the 3.2″ screen found on the G1 and the myTouch. We’re not too sure about the rest of the specs, though; while the absence of HTC’s fairly resource intensive Sense UI leads us to believe it may be a bit lacking in the CPU/Memory department, the fact that it’s running the “Donut” build of Android (while rumors as of late indicate that the G1 is stuck at the previous build, “Cupcake”, due to memory limitations) plays with our head a bit.

Oh, and another first: Pretty sure this is the first time we’ve ever seen a hands-on video performed by someone with an extra thumb.

[Via SlashGear]