GPS-enabled watch lets you retrace your steps

GPS Watch

Here’s a big, fat GPS-enabled wristwatch that’ll allow you to walk around and then see where you walked around on Google Maps. You can also use it to find your way back to a certain location and even geo-tag photos to boot. There’s 8 megabytes of built-in storage to log all of your nefarious movements.


What’s also nice, if I may opine for a minute, is that if you hook this watch up to your computer via the USB cable, you can use it as an actual GPS receiver (XP and Vista only, apparently). So load up some sort of netbook or MID inside your car and then plug your watch into it for some nice Google Maps action.

Battery life is good for just 21 hours so if you’re not used to charging your timepiece every day, you’ll have to make it part of your daily routine. Maybe put “charge watch” somewhere in between “brush teeth,” “watch Golden Girls,” and “have a nice, long cry” if possible.

The GPS Watch costs $77.61 and is available from Chinavasion.

GPS Watch (Location Finder + Data Logger + Photo Tagger) []