Nokia N900 press shot trickles onto the interwebs


See that image up above? Looks like our mockups from waaaaay back in May were about as spot on as it gets – though the in-the-flesh shots from a few days ago already proved that.

Though there’s not much left to be revealed at this point, the fact that the above promo shot is all wrapped up and being leaked further cements the idea that Nokia will be announcing the N900 at Nokia World in just a little over a week. It’s also the first time we’ve seen the “N900” text appear on the device, indicating that that’ll be the name it hits the shelves with. Remember folks: this one’s supposed to be heading to T-Mobile USA and be just as much of a phone as it is a fancypants internet tablet, so keep an eye on it.

[Via BeGeek, Thanks Ben!]