Now SpinVox’s Blogger-In-Chief Jumps Ship

James Whatley, SpinVox’s head of digital and social media, has quit. Why does that matter? Whatley’s job was to interact openly with the public and the industry about the voicemail-to-text company, both on the company blog and on Twitter. His departure – at a time when Spinvox is being buffeted by a wave of bad press – suggests that he no longer feels able to do so, having recently crossed swords with the media a number of times. The company has already appointed, then lost, its CFO, former Alcatel-Lucent CEO Patricia Russo, in the space of three months.

SpinVox is currently facing a tsunami of allegations about the way the company has been run. The UK’s Sunday Times has seen a copy of the company’s unaudited 2008 accounts, which suggests that SpinVox’s losses widened by 30% that year. The four-year old company has more than $200m in backing from private equity houses. In addition, a dossier is currently circulating that allegedly contains explosive claims about misappropriated resources.