Whistlin' in the dark – Leica opens first US store

26555_leicalogoIn what some would call a rather interesting move, Leica has decided to open it’s first store in the U.S. in West Palm Beach, Florida. This is interesting because, well, let’s face it, Leica is unapologetically not a bargain brand. They are also building a series of studios, classrooms, and other spaces to support the retail location.

The reason I’d call this a foolish move is twofold. One, with the current economic climate, opening a store that caters to a high end crowd seems a bit arrogant. More importantly, the location seems strange. Why Florida? Why not L.A. or New York, or somewhere else known for it’s photography culture? I wish Leica the best, but I find this a questionable move, and one that they may regret in the long run. It is going to be an amazing set up though, and I wish that Nikon and Canon would do something similar.

[via PDN]