Why not carry around an extra film camera?

I understand, it’s the year 2009, you think that if it comes down it, you can always take a picture with your iPhone or whatever. You could, but for those random snapshots, I think a super-cheap little film camera like this is awesome. You don’t have to worry about it getting stolen ($30), you don’t have to worry about focus or any scene settings (it has a fixed-focus super-wide 22mm lens) and it takes any junk 35mm film you want to put in it!

Load it up with 1600 and get insanely overexposed daytime pictures and ridiculously grainy evening pictures. Normally I’m an image quality fiend, but when it comes to shooting onto cheap film, I say everything goes.

You can buy it here at the Fred Flare shop — fun to pass out at parties or whatever. I like it.

[via Geeksugar]