WiFi detecting cap detects WiFi, deflects funny, attractive people

In the Old West a man was defined by his hat. Stetson, Ten-Gallon, and Bowler were only three of the myriad hats available to a real man and these hats often stank of pomade and sweat and were frequently infested with lice and caked in a fine crust of dandruff. The Old West totally sucked.

Thank God we live in the New West because now, for $14, you can wear a WiFi detecting cap that shows current WiFi levels in your general vicinity. It comes in two styles – circular and, apparently, Engadget- and comes in black, red, or white.

As Brando notes:

Are you always seeking a WiFi signal in the public area? Here comes the 802.11 WiFi Detection Cap! It can detect any Wifi 802.11 b/g/n signal, convenient enough!

Convenient enough, indeed, Brando. Sadly, unlike in the Old West, no one today will gun you down for wearing Satan’s own darkly enchanted chapeau on your pate although if you buy this you certainly deserve a good pistol-whipping