Contest: 5 Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles zombie tees

Remember those wicked RE: The Darkside Chronicle Zombie tees that Capcom was giving away at Comic-Con earlier this year? We didn’t make it to San Diego either. But because we kick ass, the fine folks at Capcom have hooked us up with five zombie tees to give away.

We know you guys have an aversion to anything that requires you to type more than “Me want. Give me now, jackass.”, which we respect and despise you for. So we’ll make this easy. Simply send in a picture of you lifting up your shirt (like you would with the zombie tee) showing us your non-zombie tee and gut. That’s it! We have three (3) L and two (2) XL shirts to give away. Send in your entries to contest at crunchgear dot com with the headline “Me want brain” by Friday (8/28) at 12PM ET. Oh, and be sure to tell us what size you want.


Big ups to Heather and Capcom for hooking us up. If you’re too lazy to enter then pre-order Darkside Chronicles from Gamestop and get a free tee or head on over to the Capcom store to buy one now.