Introducing our new running contest: Best Comment Ever!!!111!


You know what? We like you. We talk at you all day about cell phones, gadgets, and awesome stuff from around the Internets, but we rarely get the chance to hear back from you. We want to fix that. That’s why we’re introducing our new running contest: Best Comment Ever. Each week, we’ll throw a prize up for grabs. One week, it might be an iTunes gift card; the next, it might be a fancy new cell phone. If you want to win, you’ve gotta comment.

Unlike many of our past contests, we’re not going to just blindly pick from comments at random. Each week we’re going to give the prize to the best comment left anywhere on the site, as determined by the CrunchGear/MobileCrunch staff. Maybe your comment is especially insightful, or it had us busting a gut laughing; if it stands out to us as particularly great, it has a chance.

You can read the full rules and details here.