Elecom's tiny 'nanoSSD' SATA drive is cuter than all the Jonas brothers combined


How adorable is that little solid-state SATA drive right there? You just plug it right into the SATA port on your motherboard! Look at you, little man, with all your data! You’re holding an entire operating system — yes you are! Yes you are!

Available in Japan from Elecom, the “nanoSSD” comes in 8GB and 16GB capacities and includes an auxiliary power cable, just in case. Read speeds are 75MB/second and write speeds are 30MB/second, so you’re pretty much paying for cuteness, not capacity or performance.

No word on actual pricing yet, either, although they’ll apparently be available at GeekStuff4U.com by the end of this week.

Elecom (translated) [via Akihabara]