Microfridge keeps a single can cold, looks like crazy science

This is the kind of device I would think to find in the Delorean from Back to the Future. Christopher Lloyd would look all crazy-eyed at you and say something like “They weren’t counting on this little puppy!”

“What is it, a tactical nuke?” I’d ask, ever thinking of Starship Troopers. “Even better,” he’d say, eyes crazier than ever, “I went back to 1998 and got a can of Josta!”

fjk272kfyntaf6pI don’t really have a fitting end to this story, but now I want some Josta. As for the fridge, it’s actually not as effective as it looks:

It has 3 peltier coolers enclosed is a 4 inch diameter pvc T joint. It’s powered (underpowered by about 120 watts) by a 55 watt 5 volt power supply…It cooled the inside down to 68 F when it was 96 F outside. I took it inside and it cooled down to 46 F.

I mean, it’s better than anything I could have made, but buddy, you don’t drink Josta cool — you drink it ice cold.

[via Hack A Day]