OnOne's DSLR App for iPhone approved – go to it

The very useful-looking DSLR Camera Remote app for iPhone has finally (finally) been updated to version 1.1. Those of you who haven’t been following along wouldn’t know that this is a major release, adding Nikon support to the mix. That’s great news for Nikon owners, obviously, but Canon shooters like myself also will find an improved interface, bugfixes, and new features.

And if you’re really out of the loop (god!!! Why am I even talking to you!), this is an app that lets you control and shoot your DSLR from afar, pretty much controlling every aspect of the shot and getting a live preview if you have that set up right.

You can check out all the new features in 1.1 here (it was finalized a few weeks ago). The developers note that they’ve gotten word just a little bit early, so they’ll have a link to the new App Store entry soon. In the meantime, you can wait till we’ve got the link (I’ll update this post) or you can just search for the app tomorrow, when it’s sure to have gone live.