OS X drops Palm HotSync support, Newton support next?


iSync 3.1.0, to be shipped with Snow Leopard, has struck another blow against Palm. What is it this time? They’ve removed Palm HotSync support, relegating thousands of Centro, Treo, Zire, Tungsten, and Palm Pilot users to the darkest corners of Obsoletia. When will this arms race end?

Writes AppleInsider:

It does not appear that the discontinuation of legacy Palm OS support in iSync is at all related to efforts by Palm to trick iTunes into syncing data with the new Palm Pre as if it were an iPod. While Apple doesn’t provide a public syncing system for using iTunes, it does provide public APIs for any developer to hook into Mac OS X’s Sync Services.

No, it does not appear this way because Palm is busy trying to forget it’s decade of madness and missteps and couldn’t care less for you and your Life Drive.