RackSpace Launches Cloud Tools, Brings Partner-Developed Cloud Apps to Customers

picture-6Today Rackspace has announced the launch of Cloud Tools, an online portal for sharing tools, applications and services built by the company’s strategic partners and independent developers.

With the new service, RackSpace is looking to connect customers with companies and third parties building upon the RackSpace cloud platform in useful ways. Tools and apps can be searched by name or feature and visitors can rate the tools and post comments before being directed to the strategic partner’s website for download.

Cloud Tools features more than 15 strategic partners and community projects including Cyberduck, Django Cumulus, Jungle Disk, Mixpanel, RightScale, and several more. Some tools are available free of charge while others can be purchased for a fee established by the developer. Building off the recent API and open source news, the release reflects a continued effort on behalf of RackSpace to improve the cloud environment and keep the platform open.