Skygrid Furthers Partnerships For Real-Time News Widgets

SkyGrid is slowly expanding its real-time financial news empire. The powerful business news aggregator, recently struck a deal with StockTwits, a popular site that lets you track real-time discussions about stock information on Twitter, to feature a live feed of real-time news. Tomorrow, SkyGrid will launch its real-time financial news widget on Zacks, an investment research site that’s popular in the financial industry.

Similar to the deal with StockTwits, SkyGrid will embed a widget into Zacks pages of financial information for companies, showing a stream of incoming, real-time news for the company on the page. You can also filter news by sentiment: SkyGrid uses semantic text analysis to determine if each incoming article is deemed positive, negative, or neutral about a given company.

SkyGrid’s founder Kevin Pomplun told us the the integration of SkyGrid’s widget with StockTwits was so successful that StockTwit’s homepage will now feature a real-time general financial news widget. Considering the success of the StockTwits partnership, I’m betting that we’ll see many more publishers who want the real-time news widget.