Live at the Sony Daily Edition eReader announcement

You’ve been waiting for it. You’ve been talking about it. You’ve sent long, rambling letters to Jodie Foster about it. You’ve been calling your local Congresswoman about it: It’s the Sony Daily Edition e-reader with built-in wireless.

Erick Schonfeld is on the scene live and we’ll be reporting once the doors open at 10:30am EDT.

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10:14 – We’re keeping an eye on Sony’s eReader product page, WordsMoveMe. They even have a lame Twitter clone! For words!

10:17 – Erick saw an FCC logo on the back of the new reader. FCC logo = wireless.

10:20 – Erick is probably enjoying a complementary Danish right now.

10:30 – OK. Rolling. The president of the NYPL is announcing a partnership. “The free content of this great library is going to be available to those who have sony readers.” This points to NYPL’s ebook support. You could download ebooks from the library to your PC. Now you can do it to the eReader.

Over 40K titles that are downloadable and will be downloadable on Sony readers

scaledphoto-1110:32 – One of the 5 founders of the Google of online library project is scanning 1M of its books in public domain. Those will be available as well. “Free distribution of the collection means everything to us.”

10:34 – Sony’s Steve Haber babbling about ebooks: “Similar to paradigm shift from records to CDs then we went from film to digital imaging, started up slow, built up momentum then ban mass market, same thing CD to MP3s.”

“I see the same experience going from stone to paper and now to digital.”

“How to make this happen? It is all about access.” Access from: libraries, PDFs, Google Books, and our ebook store.

10:36 – Announcing over 8500 retail outlets in the US carrying Sony reader this holiday season. “Access to content, experience, affordability.”

10:37 – Three kinds – Pocket Edition for FUN! Take it anywhere. Touch Edition with touchscreen.

10:38 – New ebook library software for Mac and Windows. You can print out your notes.

10:39 – Accessories! An Itty Bitty book light! A leather case!

10:40 – Launching library finder, type in zipcode and takes you to local library where you can begin checking out books once you have a library book and transfer them to Sony Reader

There will be ebook stores that let you download in ePub and Adobe DRM.

10:42 – Touch is $299, Pocket is $199.

10:43 – One more thing: The reader Daily Edition, first 3G wireless reader. 7-inch display. $399. Available in December. Can sync wirelessly. 3G is through AT&T. Touchscreen.

10:45 – WordsMoveMe. Share literary moments.

10:51 – That’s it, folks. Welcome to 2007, Sony!
$399. Available in December. Can sync wirelessly. 3G is through AT&T. Touchscreen.

10:51 – That’s it, folks. Welcome to 2007, Sony!