Target ad shows $299 Xbox 360 Elite, $250 Xbox 360 Pro


More evidence that the Xbox 360 will be getting a price cut of some sort in the next few days. This ad, from Target, shows the Xbox 360 Elite at $299 (down from $399) and the Xbox 360 Pro at $250 (down from $299).

Presumably these are the last days of the Xbox 360 Pro, which comes with a 60GB hard drive. It’s expected that, once supplies of the Pro are exhausted, Microsoft will move to a two-SKU setup: the $299 Xbox 360 Elite, and $199 Xbox 360 Arcade. (Maybe it’ll drop that down to $150?) No word on any Arcade price cuts. In fact, it’s getting more expensive in the UK!

The Target ad should go into effect this weekend, so hold off on buying your Xboxen till then.